Since its beginning, The Bridge International has raised funds for a variety of individuals, families and institutions.  The situation in Zimbabwe is very unstable and changes all the time but because we are small, flexible and relational, we have been able to meet a variety of needs through different projects.


Past projects have included

  • Local church communities in Bulawayo and Harare: food, and basics, Christmas Meals, street children’s parties, community celebration with a whole cow

  • AIDS patients: fresh vegetables, Bibles and books, basic medicines and vitamins, warm clothes 

  • Rural Teacher Training: stationary, equipment  and training workshop to a school that is extremely limited in its supplie


Examples of once off helps

  • Diabetic fell at Oliver’s gate – bought Insulin, took him to doctor, gave him money to get home, gave food, medicine to get home to Karoi area

  • Man who fell at outside Ripe Fig, hadn’t eaten in days. Gave him food, took him to Police station for the night, got checked out, gave him a lift to the Dyke the next day. Gave food, bit of money, clothes.

  • Elijah’s sister in law – helped with groceries after her husband had died. Helped her kids after she passed away in childbirth. Paid for school fees and uniform for her 2 older children – us$100 for uniforms and shoes. Also gave contribution toward funeral costs in both cases.

  • Donated material to a local Gogo for her family to make goods to sell to so they could start a business

  • Donated a sewing machine and material to a local lady to be able to start a business

  • Bought a bicycle for the husband of one of our staff who was waking up at 3.30am to walk the 2 hrs to work, this changed his life.

  • Helped one of our staff member’s wives to have an operation to remove cancer in the uterus, she was very ill and would have died if this had not happened.   

The Bridge International


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