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Current Projects

Since its beginning, The Bridge International has raised funds for a variety of individuals, families and institutions.  The situation in Zimbabwe is very unstable and changes all the time but because we are small, flexible and relational, we have been able to meet a variety of needs through different projects.

At present, our main focus projects are:

  • The Good Shepherd Centre: providing food and essentials for the children and staff

  •  Gogo (Elderly Grandmothers) Feeding Scheme: providing monthly food parcels for destitute elderly 

  •  Lomagundi Clinic: Provision of equipment, PPE

  •  Small Crisis Grants


The Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Monthly Food Pack for 53 children


Gogo Feeding Scheme

The Presbyterian Clinic

This is a local clinic attached to the Presbyterian Church in Chinhoyi which does a remarkable job in the community. It seems to be one of the only clinics in the area that is proactive and effective despite very meagre facilities and resources.

We have raised over £15,000 for basic equipment but are praying for new sponsors to consider this as a project.

Clinic queue.jpg

Small Grants for Crisis

Support individuals and families in distress with small grants and services.

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You never know when a helping hand will change another person's entire life!

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