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The Bridge has recently launched it's latest giving project, The Open Gate, which aims to support the poor and marginalised in Chinhoyi, a town in Mashonaland West, Northern Zimbabwe. Funds raised by The Bridge for The Open Gate are sent to Bryn and Lisa Oliver, who moved from London to Zimbabwe in September 2015, where they have settled with their three children. Bryn and Lisa will thoughtfully distribute the funds to those in need.

Below, Lisa introduces some of the people we are helping.


THE OLIVERS moved from London to Zimbabwe last year.  Bryn and Lisa have been married for 14 years and have three children. They live in Chinhoyi, a small town in the north of Zimbabwe, and have begun to meet many of the local people and community.


DANIEL, an upholsterer from Lion’s Den, who was so desperate for work that he cycled 25km to my house in Chinhoyi, with some foam strapped to the back of his rickety old bicycle just so that he could earn a few dollars that day. His smile lit up his face and for two days, he worked on his rusty, pedal sewing machine with dignity. At the end of the job, he proudly presented me with two chairs that had been superbly covered and the quality of which could have come from any London outlet store. Our hope is to help him develop his business. Someone has already donated an industrial sewing machine.


WASHINGTON came to our gate hungry, hopeless and with a diagnosis of TB. He had open sores on his legs and hadn’t eaten a proper meal in days. We gave him some food, and prayed for him. A few days later he came back to tell how he was miraculously healed and the hospital had given him a clean bill of health. He had also  been evicted and we were able to pay for a small room for him for a month. He went on to get a job and was able to provide an income for his family.


 ADVANCE, is a  teenager who arrived at the gate weeping because his mother had just died and he was now the sole provider for his blind grandmother and two baby brothers.  He hardly spoke English, and we could hear his stomach juices growling as he explained that he hadn’t eaten a meal in three days. He was asking for some money so that he could go and bury his mother and then he needed to go and find a job. He was able to pay for the funeral and provide a basic meal for his family.


ANGEL is a newborn baby who was found in a plastic bag at the taxi rank in Chinhoyi a few weeks ago. Abandoned by her mother, she was taken to the government hospital where she is still staying. She has many mothers, as the nurses all take turns caring for her during their shift rotations. She lies in a baby bassinette in the corridor near the nurses’ station.  We were able to take the nurses some formula and nappies for Angel, but what she really needs is a family to love her and care for her.

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