Thuthuka Street Children Project

 (Project currently closed)

This project supported Thuthuka  street childrens' house in Bulawayo, which offers a home to children between birth and 18 who have been living on the streets. Donations went towards food, education, basic medical costs and running the home.

Donations also provided some young people with school fees and schooling costs. One teenager was unable to continue with his education or look for work as he could not pay for his GSE certificate.

One  donor from the UK provided the funds for this.

Letter from Chipo (name changed)

My name is Chipo. I am 15 years old. I am a girl who is a bit intelligent and doing Form 2 now at Northlea High School.

It was summer time and the wind was blowing  to the North East when I thought of running away from home. I lived in Gweru in Ascort with my young brother and my father. My father used to beat me thoroughly, he was very harsh  and whenever I do something wrong whether  on purpose or not  he would beat me. So I decided to run away  because he took a wood ,a big one and beat my knees so that I cannot walk to cut the story short.

Tomorrow morning I went  to train so that  I can have a lift  to unknown place. I came to Bulawayo and I didn’t know anyone then,  I went  to a restuarant  to take some left overs. I stayed two days in the streets  and then a woman took me to her house  and stayed for a long time there and when she was about to go to  South Africa she called her young sister to stay with me .Then that woman hated me very much and she said take this money and go.I  went to an omnibus then I stayed  two days in the streets again.

The Thuthuka officers called me and asked me some questions and I answered .I went and slept at a police station and next morning   I went to Thuthuka Training Centre. Thats where I started to live and now  am  learning Form two .When I grow up I want to be a pilot.

Now  I'm benefitting something from Thuthuka: school,food,shelter and some other things because God loves me very much.

This project is closed at the moment.




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