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About The Bridge International

What We Do

Through the voluntary contributions of our supporters, The Bridge International provides financial and physical support to the poor and disadvantaged in Zimbabwe.

​Although our primary focus is orphans and children we also support vulnerable families, the carers of children, prisoners and those who have been left with very little or without other means of support.

Provision is made through small grants, the donation of items such as food parcels, basic medical supplies, furniture, bedding, clothing, fuel, school fees or building supplies or repairs and whatever is needed for survival in times of difficulty and crisis.

Provision may also include educational and life skills training to teachers, carers, community leaders for training that will result in an improved quality of life.

Food Parcels


Basic medical supplies




building supplies


How We Do It

The Bridge International raises funds in the UK, USA and Europe through donations, events and fundraisers and these funds are sent to the Bridge team in Zimbabwe. We work very closely together to maximise the outcomes for our beneficiaries. The Zimbabwe team have excellent relationships with the local community and very valuable local knowledge which enables us to reach those in need in practical ways. 

The Zimbabwe team identify individuals, families, groups or projects in need of support and where necessary, purchase items, distribute parcels or watch over the projects. Most of the beneficiaries are without any other means of support, and the help they receive is critical and life giving.

We only work with our trusted team in Zimbabwe. All of the team are very well known to us and we have long term established relationships with them.

Help someone have a 'normal' day. Donate to provide food, survival basics, school fees or basic medicines.
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