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Small Grants For Crises



How these grants helped

  • A diabetic man fell at Oliver’s gate – bought Insulin, took him to doctor, gave him money to get home, gave food, medicine to get home to Karoi area

  • A man fell down outside Ripe Fig Tea Room, hadn’t eaten in days. Gave him food, took him to Police station for the night, got checked out, gave him a lift to the Dyke the next day. Gave food, bit of money, clothes.

  • Elijah’s sister in law – helped with groceries after her husband had died. Helped her kids after she passed away in childbirth. Paid for school fees and uniform for her 2 older children – US$100 for uniforms and shoes. Also gave contribution toward funeral costs in both cases.

  • Small cash gifts towards a few selected pastors Sam, Eshwin, Willard, Nicodemus, Peter who are key leaders in their communities.

  • Bought a bicycle for Douglas who was waking up at 3.30am to walk the 2 hours to work, this changed his life.

  • Helped a woman to have an operation to remove cancer in the uterus, she was very ill and would have died without this.

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