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The Good Shepherd Centre


Warm new blankets

The Good Shepherd Centre, 100 kilometres outside of Harare in Chinhoyi, cares for 53 orphaned and vulnerable children aged 1 to 18. The Centre provides the children with shelter, food and schooling. 

The Centre is led by a very committed, able and trustworthy team. This includes Pastor Eshwin and his wife, Erita, Lead Coordinator, Timothy Chimanga, Farai Zunzanyika - Administrator, and a team of care workers.

The Centre is registered with Zimbabwe Social Services and is fully compliant.

Your gifts support this home in the following ways: 

  • Providing the children with a nutritious diet is so important for proper physical and mental well being and health and one of our aims is to provide the children with a balanced diet. To do this we provide monthly groceries including rice, protein, oil, some fruit, milk, eggs.

  • Education too, is essential for good development and access to opportunities. We provide some stationery and school fees. 

  • This winter each child received a new blanket at the beginning of winter to keep warm.

  • Chicken House: Clifford the Head gardener has built a new chicken house and this provides the home with fresh eggs as well as some income when eggs are sold to the local community.

  • Seeds and contributions towards the Centre vegetable garden, which grows seasonal  vegetables for the home and sometimes the local community. 


Pastor Eshwin


Projects to Complete

  • A pick up van

  • Sports equipment and facilities

  • Solar panels for lights

  • Irrigation pipes for vegetable garden

  • Cooking training for mothers

  • Pre-school teacher

  • ‘Houses’ for smaller groups of children instead of dormitories

A 'house' to replace a dormitory

We are so excited to have begun work on the first of four  children's 'Houses' that will replace the dormitories with smaller surrogate 'homes' which will house 12 children and 'parents.'  

At present the children are housed in one of two dormitories, which are overcrowded with some children sleeping on the floor. 

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