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Meet The UK Team


Jean Hale

Founder/ Trustee


Heather Alcock

Founder/ Trustee


Jo Vermeulen



In June 2005 sisters Heather and Jean currently living in

Warwickshire, UK, made a life changing visit to their birth land

- Zimbabwe.  They were so troubled and distressed by the shocking

severity of life there that they came back with a resolve to do

something about it. Hyperinflation and the government economic

policies left most people reeling and devastated.  For many Zimbabweans

their only means of survival was support from friends and relatives

in other countries.  With the cost of a loaf of bread at hundreds of

thousands of Zim dollars, even the basics, when they were available,

were out of reach.

 ‘The Bridge International’ was born. It was initially a literal life line,

a ‘bridge’ to several families and individuals in Zimbabwe with no or

little means of survival through the terrible days of 2005 and economic

hyperinflation.  It continues to be ‘a bridge’  of hope and survival  for

many needy individuals in that land –  the hungry, those without

work or the hope of work , young people who have completed GSCE

but do not have £5 for their certificate, those in need of housing,

those who need very basic medical support.  There are also

thousands and thousands of children who have been left orphans

because of the AIDS pandemic as well as the violent traumas that

the land has suffered over many years and The Bridge International

reaches out to these with survival basics.

Meet The Zim Team



Operations Manager



Administration & Marketing





We work with a local Zimbabwe team, who have excellent relationships with the community and very valuable local knowledge which enables us to reach those in need in practical ways. The team have built very strong links relationships with many community leaders such as local pastors, university and hospital chaplains, farmers and businessmen.  These links with local leaders are invaluable in determining needs, sourcing materials in a very challenging climate and overseeing some of the operations.

One of the team has many years of experience working with local Children’s Homes, Feeding Projects and Zimbabwean Social Welfare. Her skills and essential contacts provide us with very important local knowledge of procedures and administrative processes in Zimbabwe.

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